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It was an absolute eye-opener!

I was afraid I was going to feel totally stupid. I never once did feel stupid though. Thanks for that!

I came to the realisation that online marketing could be fun, but also that it is a full-time job. I strongly recommend that you suggest to older people that they bring along a youngster colleague it makes it doubly useful.

It was an absolute eye-opener, I was encouraged to find that we were on the right track but you have turned that rather bumpy track into a highway!

Many thanks for all your effort in putting it together and in making it so relevant to us as tourism product owners.

Chris Harvie

Owner, The Rissington Inn - Hazyview

Are you ready to embrace the digital

marketing revolution?

Ready to play it big & utilize the amazing tools available to you to increase your own

website’s bookings?

Having spent 17 years in the digital marketing & web development industry, I have worked with various different companies in various different fields of expertise.

It was in 2009 when I started working with a client in the process of declaring the Magaliesberg  Biosphere that my interest took more of a direct route. Chatting with various people within the tourism industry I learned more about the struggles they face running their establishments. This got my creative juices running & my mind looked for ways in which technology & my field of expertise could help solve their problems.


I started working closely with our local Tourism Associations, attending their meetings, building their website and listening to the needs and struggles of their members when it came to marketing their establishments & services online.

In 2015 I started working with one of South Africa’s Biggest Outdoor Activities companies. Applying my knowledge to help them solve a big headache for their company. They had an amazing website, but, like many of my clients at first, their website was just a big blob of nothing. It did not do anything for them and was not generating bookings.

Flash forward 2 years, still working with them, and now I have reversed engineered this process. Tested it with various other establishments with the same great success! In the process finding my true passion again for travel, tourism, and conservation.

In 2016 I decided to sell my Web development Company & focus solely on Online Marketing Training tailored to the needs of the Tourism & Hospitality Industry.

And so Falstar Media & the TOURISM ONLINE WORKSHOP was born…

My mission is to help Tourism Establishments seize the marketing opportunities that online platforms offer them. Taking control of their online marketing & in doing so generating more direct bookings & increasing their revenue!



Bookings via our website grew and are still growing with each day!

After listening to a presentation Sumari gave at our local Tourism Association meeting I was so impressed with the results she generated for them. Our CEO was a bit skeptic at first and wanted to see progress, measurable progress. He gave her 3 months to show us if she can increase our Direct Online Bookings.

The results were astronomical! Bookings via our website grew and are still growing with each day!

Sumari brings new and fresh ideas & keeps us in the loop with what is happing with online marketing when it comes to the Tourism Industry.

With her background in various different discipline within design, development, and marketing she truly knows how to holistically bring them all together to help us reach and surpass our marketing goals. Plus the fact that she gives us measurable feedback and statistics makes for a very happy CEO and CFO.

It’s now 2 years down the line and we are still impressed with working with Sumari. “

Marisa Erasmus

Marketing Manager , Mankwe GAMETRACKERS

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