Be Guest-centric – Always

It’s very important to keep your focus on your original reasons for opening up a Boutique Hotel. And, Yes, I know one of the main reasons was to make money. Why else would you start anything as ambitious and creative? True we get told, nowadays, that you should not focus on the money. But let us get real, this is the main motivation for starting any business.

However, a reason you start a Boutique Hotel, and not a B&B or a Major Chain Hotel, was that you wanted to give your guests something unique, something creative and inspiring. And should be your main focus every day. We can get sucked in very easily by the stress that comes with making a profit. But what is going to help you reach those goals and increase those direct bookings is your Boutique Hotel’s Unique Booking Promise. That special something that makes you diffrerent.

This is why it is so important to keep on working on creating the best guest experience and make that the main focus every single day for every member of your team.

Can’t tell you the number of clients I have worked with in the past that have gone so far down the rabbit hole. Chasing the white rabbit of money that they felt no motivation and wanted to close their doors. Just spending some time discovering their Ideal Guest Avatar and Unique Booking Promise gave them such a burst of energy and motivation! Some of them going form 1 months till our doors close to 200% increase in direct bookings in 3 months. With the added bonus of getting amazing reviews from their guests on Tripadvisor… Win-win!

What are you doing every day to make your guest feel special?
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