One of the main things you have to remember when it comes to content is that you don’t have to focus too hard on content creation but rather on documentation.

Documenting your everyday life at your hotel, lodge or adventure company. You want to start embracing video – telling stories through video. 

As the saying goes if a picture says a thousand words then a video speaks a million. So start using your smartphone and get creative.

You can document so many stories and happenings. Especially if you have some amazing activities happening at or around your establishment. Take video, share stories on Instagram, go live on Facebook – document amazing informative pieces for IGTV. Start building a library of great video content.

“You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every day”

1. Create and Document with Video

Take for example a tour guide, what if you took the time and did a guided tour with a friend. They can record you on video through out the whole tour. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

First-off you can cut it up into smaller portions of 15 min each and have 4 pieces to put in a series on your website. Then you can go and cut the video up and have 12 video clips of 5 min each.



2. Transcribe Video to text

Search Engines love text so what you want to do is get your video transcribe – easy way is to hire someone on Fiverr.com – it costs about $5 and you can have it done in a day or two.

Now you have one whole article – or 4 smaller articles to go with your video on your website or 12 bite-size descriptions to go with images on your Instagram.

3. Take some HD Stills of your Video.

Scroll through your video and check out for greater still shots you can screen-grab and save to use on your social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

4. Audio for Podcast

Podcasts are becoming a big player in the online marketing world so what you can do is take your video and extract the audio into a podcast – especially if you’re sharing very informative content in your video – people love listening to stories, conversations, interviews or fun facts. Once again you can always source a freelancer on Fiverr.com to extract and edit the audio for you.

A great platform to share that audio clip on is the Anchor App – it allows you to share your podcast on various platforms such as Spotify, Google, ITunes all at once

5.Create an Infographic

Now if you’re getting the hang of your canva.com account you’ll be able to create amazing infographics on their using the key facts of your 1-hour talk. You can even create 4 different infographics for each 15-minute clip. These you can share on Facebook, Pinterest, and Linkedin. You can even create mini infographics of your x12 five-minute clips to share as posts on Instagram.

6. Take great quotes for Twitter

If there are some amazing clips in your video where you feel you’re sharing something profound that will benefit or inspire your Ideal Guest then make those tweetable.

Share them as quotes on Twitter with a link back to the main article or video on your blog. Plus you can even use the quotes as part of your Social Media Content Calendar for posting on Instagram and Facebook

Now just imagine you create one such video every month or even one a week!

How fast would your content calendar start filling up?

Just remember the more you share with your Ideal Guest, the more they get to know you and trust you, the higher your chances that they’ll book with you. In this new online economy authenticity and trust is key in building long term business.

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