One of the easiest ways to promote your Lodge or Activities company is running a contest on your chosen social media platforms.

The trick part is figuring out what to do or where to start. You want to run a contest that gets your audience excited to engage with your brand.

You also don’t want to run a contest of the bat with no strategy as to what exactly you want to achieve.

A contest can give you massive results that don’t always have to do with getting more bookings. So let’s get the groundwork in place.

First off you want to ask yourself the following 4 Questions:

  1. What must this competition achieve – what is the end goal?  As I mentioned before your goal doesn’t have to be to get more bookings – ultimately yes that is what you want. But you can make the goal to increase the amount of followers on Facebook to consist of more people who fit your IGA. You can have a end goal that increases the traffic to your website and sign-ups to your newsletter.
  2. Who will this contest be aimed at? Who is your target audience?  
  3. What will be the prize? – Logistics around the prize – How will you announce the winner? How will you get the prize to them?
  4. What are the T&C’s? – How long will the contest run? How will you pick the winner? 

Once you have sorted out these 4 out and source all necessary info we can move on to the fun part! What type of contest will you be running.

Here are some fun ideas to get your creative mojo flowing:

1. Share your adventure with us 

Ask your followers to share some of their photos of past adventures with your company on their Facebook feed and tag you in them. Or post them on your Facebook feed – although I would suggest the former as this will increase the likelihood that their family and friends will become aware of your brand.

2. Best fan sign contest 

This can get rather fun, with some really entertaining results. Ask your audience to make a sign explaining why they need to win the contest. They must then take a photo holding up their sign and post it on your chosen Social Media channel and tag you in the post.

3. Merch Selfie contest 

If you sell branded merch of your business ask your guest to take a selfie of them wearing the merch in or around your area. They can then post it on your site or on their own feed and tag you in it. The selfie with the most likes wins!

4. Photo Contest of local Landmarks

ask your guest to share their selfies at local landmarks around your establishments.

5. Favourite Hotel Food

People love taking photos of their food before they eat. Ask them to submit a photo of their favourite food they ate at your hotel. Winners can eat the same entrée for free when they come back.

6. Share your best travel tip video contest.

Participants could submit a shot video showcasing their best travel or vacation tips to your area. 

7. Name that landmark photo contest. 

Turn a photo of a famous landmark to a jigsaw puzzle. Every day, reveal a piece of the jigsaw and ask your followers to guess what the landmark is. You can do this with any topic – be it your activities, famous native animal or plant life.

8. Trivia Contest

Promote the culture and history of your area by holding this trivia contest. Ask questions about the local history of your establishment, town, province or country. You could pick a certain time period or a person and give some clues as they go along. This is a great contest if your Ideal Guest has a bit of a history obsession.

9. Scavenger hunt trivia contest

Post questions on your Facebook page for which the answers can be found somewhere on your website. This is a great way to drive traffic to your website. It’s also a great way to draw attention to your other activities, products or services.

You could post the clues on Facebook and have a lil contact form set-up through-out your website that allows them to submit the answers with their name and email. This is a great way to increase your newsletter sign-up.

10. Occasion-specific contest

For Father’s Day, ask your followers to tell you about why their dad is the best father in the world and the one with the most votes wins.

If you have your fun day calendar worked out you could run a fun day contest. i.e. To celebrate International Coffee Day we’re running a contest – post a pic of your before and after coffee selfie and tag us in your comments to win free coffee for you and a friend at our restaurant. – this could get some laughable results.

Well there you have it – 10 Ideas to get your contest going. Share some of your past successful contest with us in the comments below.

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