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are excited to host:

A 3 Day Online Marketing Workshop

Specifically developed for the Tourism & Hospitality Industry.

Learn how to use Online Marketing to increase reach a wider audience and increase bookings.

12-14 February 2019 – Protea Hotel – Nelspruit

Spending monthly on a website that’s not generating sales or bookings?

Do you feel the urgency of getting into the Online Marketing game – but you’re confused & overwhelmed at where to start or what to do?

Are you tired of paying thousands to marketing companies without getting any results?

This 3-Day Workshop will help you master Your Online Marketing World.

In this 3-Day Workshop, learn how to utilize your website & social media channels, to increase & convert website traffic into Direct Bookings.

Understand your Unique Booking Proposition your – and the value it holds.

Create your Ideal Guest Avatar – to make your marketing campaigns more effective & save you time.

Discover what Social Media Channels will work best for your Establishment & stop wasting time trying to get your head around all of them.

Learn the fundamental building block of a great website & The 3 Pages every Tourism Establishment should have to increase their Direct Bookings.

Understand the importance of Branding &, how to create professional Brand Consistency without spending thousands on designers.

Learn how to streamline & automate your online marketing – creating a fast & efficient traffic funnel to increase your website traffic.

Develop a 12-month Online Marketing Strategy.

“My aim with this Workshop is to offer Toursim & Hospitality Establishments the training & tools that will help you make the most of the marketing potential the internet has to offer. You don’t have to spend crazy amounts to outsource that which, I believe,  you could do yourself.”

3 Day Online Marketing Workshop

(Including Workbook, Daily Refreshments and Light Lunch)

Only 8 Seats Left – Book Fast!


 4500 per attendee 

 (Early-Bird Special 3500 p/p – valid till 28 January 2019)

Day 1 | Introduction & AnaLYSING YOUR ONLINE BRAND

08h00-09h00 – Registration 

09h00-10h30 – Welcome & Introduction to the workshop.

Session 1:

We will then delve into Unique Booking Proposition. Find out what really gets guests booking with you. (PS. It’s not what you think.) – Know how to utilize your UBP to increase your marketing efforts and how to focus on creating future growth. 

10h30-11h00 – Break 


Session 2:

Developing your Ideal Guest Avatar. Make Marketing objective faster, easier and more effective by understanding who your Ideal Guests are.


Post-Session Q&A – if you have any questions with regards Day 1 Sessions.

Day 2 | Online Branding & Website

08h00-09h00 – Arrival 


Session 3:

Learn the importance of building your Brand Identity and how to shape it to speak to your Ideal Guest Avatar. We will be looking at how to set-up easy to use online branding software to minimize your design costs and create brand consistency. Learn how to set up a cost-effective 1 Day photoshoot that will help you capture your Ideal Guest’s attention.

10h30-11h00  – Break 


Session 4: 

How to convert your Website into a profitable Direct Booking Machine. The 10 Tips to help your website get more direct bookings The 3 Secret Pages that will help you get more visitors to your website. How to automate your website so you can spend less time focusing on marketing & more time on your guests.


Post-Session Q&A – if you have any questions with regards Day 2 Sessions.

Day 3 | Content Creation & Social Media

08h00-09h00 – Arrival 


Session 5:

Understand the role of Content Generation in attracting more online bookings. Learn easy ways to generate Content for your Website without having to spend hours writing it yourself. Plan a 12-month Content Calendar that helps you reach your Ideal Guest Market. Learn how to guide your guest through the booking journey with creative storytelling.

10h30-11h00 – Break


Session 6:

Discover your perfect Social Media Mix – Find out the role of each Social Media Platform so you can choose the channels that work best to help you reach your Ideal Guest.

Learn how to develop a Marketing Funnel that increases your website traffic. Learn how to Automate your Social Media Publishing to help you save time and increase follower engagement.

How to maximize your engagement to create loyal fans who in turn will help increase word-of-mouth referrals. Take a look at role OTA’s and how to make the most out of your relationship in a cost-effective way.

Creating Win-win Collaborations with fellow association members and local businesses.


Post-Sessions Q&A –  if you have any questions with regards Day 3 Sessions.

“I was not sure if I would be able to implement what I had learned using the computer mainly because I am not computer literate – limited skills in using the computer. But I received the personalized attention I needed – thanks to Sumari for being very patient, explaining perhaps many a time over and over again.

This workshop is perfect for those who need help, like me, or those just requiring updated information regarding the ever-changing Online marketing in the industry.”

Joanne Dippenaar

Owner, Basil's Boma Guestlodge

Sumari van Dyk is the owner of Falstar Media, a company dedicated to helping the tourism & hospitality industry in achieving the occupancy rates they want.


Giving them the tools and insights of combining their love of

hosting tourists with her love for travel, toursim and technology - to get the best results!


At Falstar Media — the innovation studio Sumari co-founded with her partner Kobus Potgieter — she and her associates provide done-for-you marketing solutions for those who want to grab the attention of their ideal guests, convert that attention to bookings and helping them grow to their maximum potential.

Workshop Workbooks, Toolkits + Templates

We’ve spent 100+ hours perfecting our bespoke training materials, which have been designed specifically to help Tourism & Hospitality teams work toward developing a comprehensive digital visitor servicing and marketing planning tool.

For each Session, we have crafted Worksheets, Toolkits & Templates, which together with the workshop presentations, helps guide your team takes actionable steps to create a holistic Online Marketing Strategy. Featuring live website links through to resources shared in the Session, and additional online resources for further professional development. Our Workbook will be provided in both printed & digital format for future reference.

“I was a little weary of Instagram when first looking at signing up for the workshop – but it all ran very smoothly. I learned about who my target market group is – how to take charge of my own website – the importance of certain keywords and how they can make the world of difference!

What stood out for me was realizing that there is so much more that can be added to websites to make it easier for guests. I’d absolutely recommend the workshop for anyone who wants to get the most out of their online marketing.

Only thing I would like to add is: – Just let me know when the next one is! 😁”

Nikki Stagg

Marketing Manager, Ann van Dyk Cheetah Sanctuary

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Workshop Cost:

4 500 p/p (Early-Bird Special 3500 p/p – valid till 28 January 2019)

(Including Workbook – Daily Refreshments & Light Lunch)

List Attendees



Why did you created this Workshop?

I created the Tourism & Hospitality Online Marketing Workshop because I believe the internet levels the playing field for everyone. Not every establishment has the financial resources to hire an agency, full-time graphic designer or other internet marketing expert.

Many of us don’t have the time to wait 3 or 4 days for a price change to be made on your website. Sometimes you just want to run a last-minute special to fill those empty mid-week beds. There are many effective strategies and tools for promoting your establishment and its story,  that you can (and should) implement on your own.

What You Will Learn?

Learn how to create a 12-month Holistic Online Marketing Strategy that will allow you to share your story and attract the type of guest who would appreciate and enjoy what you have to offer.


  • Understand what your Unique Booking Proposition is – And how to use it to stand out in a sea of monotony.
  • Create your Ideal Guest Avatar to help make your marketing efforts faster, more efficient and cost-effective. 
  • Learn how to use online tools to help you create amazing, agency-standard and fast marketing material – while keeping to your brand identity. 
  • Find out about how you can update your own Website & the 3 Secret Pages you should have to increase website traffic.
  • Streamline your Social Media Efforts – by narrowing down the best platforms to reach your Ideal Guest  – and how to use each channel for best results.
  • Learn about how to create a traffic funnel to increase visitors to your own website and how this leads to more direct bookings
  • Create a 12-month Content Calendar to share your story in your unique authentic voice – reach your Ideal Guest and attract more of the guests you love & who love you!
  • I’ll show you some excellent tools to help you automate and batch-schedule your Online Marketing – giving time to focus on your guest.

I’m not very tech savy should I attend?

Even if your not very tech savvy you will still be able to enrich your Online Marketing skill – by developing your online marketing strategy you’ll be able to lead your marketing team and steer them in the right direction.

Should I, as the owner, come or should I send my manager?

I would suggest that whoever the person is, that will be responsible for your Online Marketing be the person to attend this workshop.

It’s all sounds rather daunting to me - will I be able to keep up?

This is why the groups are set at a maximum of 20 attendees. I want to keep it as personal, and yet, as cost effective as possible. With a small group we can spend time with each person on a more individual basis.

Why is the workshop 3 days?

The workshop is truly information rich and I want you to get the most out of this workshop. Each day we delve into 2 topic – with each session lasting between 1-2 hours. We start early and end at lunch-time so you still have some of your day left to attend to your own matters & to help it all sink in.  SO ESSENTIALLY THIS IS X3 – HALF-DAY WORKSHOPS 😁

The workshop is hosted in your area to cut down on travel costs, to make this as cost-effective as possible.