Introductory BURST Session

Offer your Assocciation Members something practical & insightful at your next General Meeting/Network Lunch

Are you always on the look-out for something informative to offer your Association Members?

Would you like to help them learn more about Online Marketing & how it can help increase their Direct Bookings?

Do your Association Memebers have questions about Online Marketing that you don’t have the answers for… & no time to research them?

My BURST Session – A quick burst of Online Marketing .


This BURST Session offers your members 15-20 minutes of quick insights and practical guidance to help them boost their online marketing and take charge of their own online journey.

Plus I will start a private moderated Facebook Group, exclusively for your Association Members, a month in advance in which we can address & discuss their Online Marketing obstacles. I will provide them with tailored solutions, resources & advice to help them solve their immediate marketing problems. A survey will be conducted in the group to find out which topic would be most beneficial to present to the group at our upcoming BURST Session. 

The objective behind this BURST Session is to provide association members with a practical, easy-to-implement strategy on the highly voted subject with regards to their Online Marketing. Following a BURST Session, I will introduce members to a 3-Day Workshop offer that will give your members a more holistic and in-depth exploration & how they can create & start their own 12-Month Online Marketing Strategy.

If you would like to have me speak at your next meeting let’s get in touch!


After listening to a presentation Sumari gave at our local Tourism Association meeting I was so impressed with the results she generated for them. Our CEO was a bit skeptic at first and wanted to see progress, measurable progress. He gave her 3 months to show us if she can increase our Direct Online Bookings.

The results were astronomical! Bookings via our website grew and are still growing with each day!

Sumari brings new and fresh ideas & keeps us in the loop with what is happing with online marketing when it comes to the Tourism Industry.

With her background in various different discipline within design, development, and marketing she truly knows how to holistically bring them all together to help us reach and surpass our marketing goals. Plus the fact that she gives us measurable feedback and statistics makes for a very happy CEO and CFO.

It’s now 2 years down the line and we are still impressed with working with Sumari. ” Marisa Erasmus

Sales & Marketing Manager, Mankwe GAMETRACKERS

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