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Is your Tourism Establishment’s Website ready for Alexa? – Voice Search

Is your Tourism Establishment’s Website ready for Alexa? – Voice Search

Is your Tourism Establishment’s Website ready for Alexa? – Voice Search

#mondaymarketingminute – the easiest way to start incorporating voice into your online marketing strategy would be to add a QnA Section to your Website.

🤔 – Think about the type of questions your guest would ask or have asked you in the past. Questions about what to expect traveling to your establishment, what there is to do in the area, etc. Example: “Hey Siri, are there any boutique hotels in Cape Town?” or ” Alexa what outdoor activities do they have for families in Pilanesberg?”

Ways to Increase Direct Bookings for your Boutique Hotel – Tip #8

Ways to Increase Direct Bookings for your Boutique Hotel – Tip #8

Want more Direct Bookings? Get Socialising!

I have noticed how few Boutique hotels actually use the power of social media and it pains me sometimes. We live in such an amazing age – where marketing to your guest is something you can do 24/7 – 365. No need for expensive TV or radio ads. No need to place a big article in your local newspaper (which never make sense to me as the guest you want is from out of town). And no need to print expensive brochures year after year, only to throw half away because your prices have changed.

With the internet comes this amazing ability to, not only research your Ideal Guest Avatar but to market to them directly without wasting any money on advertising. With platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, you have the tools to create tailor-fitted marketing profiles to suit your Ideal Guest Avatar perfectly.

Yes, there is a strategy and a learning curve involved. But to avoid working on your digital marketing is the worst mistake you can make. Information technology is a rapidly growing market that is increasing at such an exponential rate – if you think by avoiding it you can still do good business down the line you are making a big mistake. The growth is at such a rate that with every passing day that you don’t invest in learning you are falling behind months and even years.

If you want to increase your bookings invest some time in getting to know the online marketing game. See how you can use it to speak to your Ideal Guest Avatar and start creating consistent entertaining and informative content.

PRO TIP: Start with the social media platforms you are already familiar with and use them to send potential guests to your website.
Ways to Increase Direct Bookings for your Boutique Hotel – Tip #7

Ways to Increase Direct Bookings for your Boutique Hotel – Tip #7

Focus on 1-2 Social Media Platforms per year

It’s very easy to get FOMO when it comes to what Social Media Platforms works best for your Boutique Hotel. You are scared that you might be missing out on a great marketing opportunity if you don’t use this or that platform.

With today’s social media culture you have the ability to make any platform work for you so long as it is where your Ideal Guest Avatar likes to get their social fill.

So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Look at your Ideal Guest Avatar – Where would this Avatar most likely hang out online?
  2. Look at your personal social media preferences – which correlate with your Ideal Guest Avatar? This will make it easier for you to start off immediately without too much of a learning curve.
  3. Now if you have 1 or two that match up start actively sharing on these platforms.
  4. Pick at most 2 platforms to master per year. It’s better to be actively sharing on 2 channels than registering on 10 and not sharing on any.
  5. And don’t just share! Engage with your followers! – It’s not all about gaining more followers – it’s about speaking with those that are already part of your online fan base. Comment on their comments – Like their comments – open a conversation.

Still stuck on what platforms will work best?

Here are some suggestions:

Facebook – It’s a great one to start with as it is one of the biggest platforms out there. Facebook also has the most diverse demographic of all the platforms. BONUS they have some great opportunities when it comes to online marketing with Facebook Ads. You can also share videos on this platform which will get extra boosting due to Facebook prioritizing video sharing in an effort to knock off Youtube as the main video sharing platform.

Instagram – This is a very visual platform where people – especially millennial – love to go for traveling inspiration and to see where their peers hangout.  It works well in conjunction with Facebook with cross-marketing built in. so even if you focus on these two for a start you are well on your way.

Youtube – if you want to share longer more in detail or more entertain media with your Ideal Guest Avatar then this is the platform to use. Let’s say you are a Boutique Hotel Resort based in a stunning nature reservation. You can have your game rangers sharing informative videos on the local wildlife and/or the activities you have to offer on the resort. What is nice about this is that you can upload the videos to Youtube Website and also share them via Youtube on your own site in the weekly posts.

Pinterest – This is great for people if you want to share Tips and Tricks for traveling to your area. It is a bit more limited as we mostly see people using it more as an inspiration board than actually actively engaging with the posts. I would suggest if you want to share on this Pinterest that it be more of a “5 tips for packing for your ideal vacation in the Bahamas” type of posts. Plus engagement is a bit limited here.

These are the top social media platforms I would suggest to start off with. I know there are many more. If you have any that you particularly like and would like to know how to utilize them to their full potential. Comment below or drop me a mail.

Ways to Increase Direct Bookings for your Boutique Hotel – Tip #6

Ways to Increase Direct Bookings for your Boutique Hotel – Tip #6

Keep it In-House

Your Boutique Hotel is unique and you have a unique story to share. This is why I tell my clients it is so crucial to have someone on your team that can lead your digital marketing. They understand your vision and values and know what makes you unique, they are there every day to capture those special moments that will just be great content to share with your guests. Traffic Generating content because that leads to bookings.

With the Millennials and Generation Z obsessively engaging with social media – instead of rebuking them – recruit them to work their social media magic for your booking benefit. They already know how most of the social media and online platforms work, all you have to do is give them the vision and the training to use those skills to increase your website traffic, generate social media traffic funnels and increase your direct bookings.

Now if you have a member of your team that you know would be a great candidate but not sure what they are supposed to do? I offer a unique once a year Online Course that runs from September to October. This 8 Week Course will help your Marketing Team build a strategy that is tailored to your Boutique Hotel’s Ideal Guest Avatar and will help you plan a 12-month action blueprint using online marketing to increase traffic to your site and increase direct bookings.

If you would like to hear more about my Online Course fill in the form below and get in contact.

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Ways to Increase Direct Bookings for your Boutique Hotel – Tip #5

Ways to Increase Direct Bookings for your Boutique Hotel – Tip #5

Profitable Partnerships - Work Together for a Win-Win!

Today’s tip is going to be an easy one – all you have to do is team up with the activities and accommodation establishments around you. Profitable Partnerships are a must.

Even if you see them as competition remember that you each have a Unique Guest Avatar. By teaming up with members of your industry family you could create countless amazing win-win benefits for all, including your guests. Because the more tourists traveling to your area the more business there is for everyone.

2 Ways you can create Win-Win deals:

  1. Ask your surrounding accommodation establishments to share their Events Calendar with you. This way they get free publicity for their events and you get free marketing when guests search for that specific event on Google.  If they ask to share your events calendar with them, do it! Plus with more than one website promoting a certain event you increase your SEO Rankings on Google for said event.
  2. Team up with local activities companies to put together some really awesome packages. If you find that your lowest booking time is mid-week, make a 5 day midweek package that gives your guest a full five-day itinerary with something new to do each day. I would suggest that 3 of the 5 days they do a different activity and the first (booking in) and last day (booking-out) you treat them to something special at your Boutique Hotel.

Bonus side-effect of this is that you have tons of content to share across all your social media channels PLUS you can funnel back to your website – increasing your traffic and your potential booking conversions. 😉