Ways to Increase Direct Bookings for your Boutique Hotel – Tip #5

Ways to Increase Direct Bookings for your Boutique Hotel – Tip #5

Profitable Partnerships - Work Together for a Win-Win!

Today’s tip is going to be an easy one – all you have to do is team up with the activities and accommodation establishments around you. Profitable Partnerships are a must.

Even if you see them as competition remember that you each have a Unique Guest Avatar. By teaming up with members of your industry family you could create countless amazing win-win benefits for all, including your guests. Because the more tourists traveling to your area the more business there is for everyone.

2 Ways you can create Win-Win deals:

  1. Ask your surrounding accommodation establishments to share their Events Calendar with you. This way they get free publicity for their events and you get free marketing when guests search for that specific event on Google.  If they ask to share your events calendar with them, do it! Plus with more than one website promoting a certain event you increase your SEO Rankings on Google for said event.
  2. Team up with local activities companies to put together some really awesome packages. If you find that your lowest booking time is mid-week, make a 5 day midweek package that gives your guest a full five-day itinerary with something new to do each day. I would suggest that 3 of the 5 days they do a different activity and the first (booking in) and last day (booking-out) you treat them to something special at your Boutique Hotel.

Bonus side-effect of this is that you have tons of content to share across all your social media channels PLUS you can funnel back to your website – increasing your traffic and your potential booking conversions. 😉

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