A really refreshing workshop and I recommended to all!

You will be truly amazed about how little you really know. And will be astounded about how insightful this workshop is.

I have more knowledge and how to go ahead with being more visible online.

Most probably one of the funnest and most insightful workshops I’ve attended.

Wéna Meintjies

Assistant General Manager, Sanbonani Resort Hotel

Really enjoyed it, I did 😉

I found the importance of the ideal client and all the nifty apps and websites really helpful.

I am now more confident when suggesting marketing ideas to our owner.

Actually excited to get into the marketing.

The Tourism Online Workshop makes you look at online marketing in a new way. You get a whole new “toolbox” of things that helps you.

Elani Theunissen

Marketing Manager, African Safari Adventures

Everything was super clear and easy to follow..

I learned so much and gained more knowledge in online marketing I did not have.

What stood out for me what the Content Creation & social media strategy.

This workshop is a really great way to expand your knowledge with online marketing in an easy way and in short 3 days.

It’s a workshop that will stick with you and help you forward for the rest of your life.

Alicha Fourie

Marketing Manager, Blue Mountain Luxury Lodge

Sumari is lovely and held our attention the whole 3 days…

I feared that I would be way behind others who have been in tourism for years, however, I liked being in a classroom environment as we learned from other participants as well.

I enjoyed being able to clarify with Sumari points I was not 100% clear on.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone regardless of their knowledge of Marketing. Everyone got something out of the course.

It was an enjoyable workshop and I look forward to the 9 Pillars of Online  Marketing Workshop!!!!

Annie Williams

Owner, Kingfisher Creek Lodge

I really enjoyed every aspect of the workshop

Social media seems overwhelming to us “older” people, however, I have a much better understanding of the method behind any form of digital marketing. Also a much better understanding of how everything works hand in hand.

I liked all the little tips and tricks of other websites/applications that can simply what seem to be daunting tasks.

I think in this day and age we all need to be more digital and have a bigger online presence.

I am glad that the course was split into 3 half days – its a bit less overwhelming on the mind.

I really enjoyed every aspect and feel like I came back with a much better understanding which was exactly my aim.

Carol van der Westhuizen

Owner, GAP Tours

So much to learn!

What stood out to me was the section on how to determine your Ideal Guest Avatar.

Fear that I will not be able to always follows everything ( because I was the oldest in the class! 😆)

However, there was always lots to learn from somebody in the business for a long time.

I really enjoyed this workshop! Thank you!

Kallie Kalmeier

Owner, Lowveld Link Travel

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