It was an absolute eye-opener!

I was afraid I was going to feel totally stupid. I never once did feel stupid though. Thanks for that!

I came to the realisation that online marketing could be fun, but also that it is a full-time job. I strongly recommend that you suggest to older people that they bring along a youngster colleague it makes it doubly useful.

It was an absolute eye-opener, I was encouraged to find that we were on the right track but you have turned that rather bumpy track into a highway!

Many thanks for all your effort in putting it together and in making it so relevant to us as tourism product owners.

Chris Harvie

Owner, The Rissington Inn

Gave me renewed enthusiasm!

“Gave me renewed enthusiasm to work in social media marketing, I felt that due to new trends, I wasn’t suitably qualified to stay involved. Really enjoyed the engagement among the group and the sharing of ideas.

Most of my peers in the tourism industry are middle-aged (sometimes technophobes) but they know a hell of a lot about their product and the needs of the tourism industry.

By doing this course they can convey the message much better than the young “social media fundi” who has no tourism industry experience.”

Tom Voster

Social Media Manager, Kruger Lowveld Tourism

All in all its a great workshop!

“My biggest challenges were solved. I also gained a new perspective on how to approach online marketing and how to prioritize my website and SEO.

I felt a bit insecure about my online marketing skills and knowledge, but the course helped me simplify content development. All in all its a great workshop!”

Lynnette Brink

Marketing Manager, Ndalo Hotel & Conferencing

Very Helpful & Inspiring!

“I had a fear that the workshop might be too advanced for a beginner…

However, I found the workshop to be very helpful and inspiring! Sumari has a way of turning every obstacle into an opportunity.”

Schizelle Theron

Owner, HP Twelve Accommodation

Only thing I would like to add is: – Just let me know when the next one is!

“I was a little weary of Instagram when first looking at signing up for the workshop – but it all ran very smoothly. I learned about who my target market group is – how to take charge of my own website – the importance of certain keywords and how they can make the world of difference!

What stood out for me was realizing that there is so much more that can be added to websites to make it easier for guests. I’d absolutely recommend the workshop for anyone who wants to get the most out of their online marketing.

Only thing I would like to add is: – Just let me know when the next one is! 😁”

Nikki Stagg

Marketing Manager, Ann van Dyk Cheetah Sanctuary

This workshop is perfect for those who need help…

“I was not sure if I would be able to implement what I had learned using the computer mainly because I am not computer literate – limited skills in using the computer. But I received the personalized attention I needed – thanks to Sumari for being very patient, explaining perhaps many a time over and over again.

This workshop is perfect for those who need help, like me, or those just requiring updated information regarding the ever-changing Online marketing in the industry.”

Joanne Dippenaar

Owner, Basil's Boma Guest House

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