Ready to market your Tourism Business online?

The Tourism Online Workshop is a 3 Day program for ambitious tourism companies who want to take the brave step and leverage online marketing to increase online bookings.

Instruction led by Sumari van Dyk.

2 – 4 July – Rhino Convention Centre

 Hoedspruit – Limpopo










Increasing your online bookings takes more than just posting a special on Facebook. We’ll be covering these topics to help your hotel or activities company stands out:

Unique Booking Proposition

Discover what makes your establishment unique and how best to present brand to potential guests – for an authentic experience!

Ideal Guest Avatar

In this session, I’ll show the essential missing piece to your marketing puzzle. An Ideal Guest Avatar will help save you time, energy and make your marketing campaigns x10 more effective

Brand Creation

Follow the step-by-step guide to help you set-up your own branding software that is easy to use – even if you’ve never designed a day in your life!

Hire your Website as a 24/7 Booking Agent

I’ll show you how to take your website from a static digital brochure that just cost you money – to a platform that helps you generate bookings – even while you’re sleeping!

Creating a Content Calendar

Learn about the booking journey each travel goes through when planning an adventure & your role in that journey. 

Social Media Marketing & Traffic Funnels

Find out what social media channel best suits your Ideal Guest Avatar and how to use it to generate more direct bookings through your website.

Only thing I would like to add is:  Just let me know when the next one is! 😄

I learned about who my target market group is – how to take charge of my own website – the importance of certain keywords and how they can make the world of difference!

What stood out for me was realizing that there is so much more that can be added to websites to make it easier for guests. I’d absolutely recommend the workshop for anyone who wants to get the most out of their online marketing.

Nikki Stagg

Marketing Manager, Ann van Dyk Cheetah Sanctuary

Note from Sumari

When I first started working in online marketing in 2002, I helped Tourism Associations and their members build their online marketing. However, I found that even though I knew so much about online marketing, I could never tell their story in an authentic voice as they could. But what I could do is share my knowledge and empower them to do so themselves.

 This is how Tourism Online Workshop was born!

I have spent decades learning about online marketing, web development, and branding – figuring out what works for each unique business and industry. Spending hours and days figuring out what can be done, in a cost-effective, time-saving way to help my clients take back control of their own message.

This workshop I  developed and tested for the past 3 years to create a step-by-step guide that helps you master the online marketing process for your establishment. 

If you’re looking for a get an all for nothing solution, then this is NOT for you. This workshop has been designed for the fabulous people who know in their hearts that online marketing is needed to grow Boutique hotel, Lodge or B&B. They might be afraid and overwhelmed by the idea. They might feel they’re too old or “technologically challenged”. But trust me, I will be there every step of the way. And, yes, there is absolutely work involved – you will have a learning curve. Trust me it’ll be worth it!

To those of you who choose to go digital and make it happen yourself, I hope you enjoy Tourism Online Workshop!


Gave me renewed enthusiasm!

“Gave me renewed enthusiasm to work in social media marketing, I felt that due to new trends, I wasn’t suitably qualified to stay involved. Really enjoyed the engagement among the group and the sharing of ideas.

Most of my peers in the tourism industry are middle-aged (sometimes technophobes) but they know a hell of a lot about their product and the needs of the tourism industry.

By doing this course they can convey the message much better than the young “social media fundi” who has no tourism industry experience.”

Tom Voster

Social Media Manager, Kruger Lowveld Tourism

Who is this workshop for?

Whether you’re looking at redoing your website, creating a professional brand, increasing your direct bookings or mastering your social media game – The Tourism Online Workshop will help you:


    • Lean into your strengths and how to leverage them
    • Clarify your online marketing goals
    • Engage a targeted Ideal Guest
    • Generate more organic traffic – and more booking leads
    • Give you practical step-by-step guidance on everything Online
    • …and SO much more!

A really refreshing workshop and I recommended to all!

You will be truly amazed about how little you really know. And will be astounded about how insightful this workshop is.

I have more knowledge and how to go ahead with being more visible online.

Most probably one of the funnest and most insightful workshops I’ve attended.

Wéna Meintjies

Assistant General Manager, Sanbonani Resort Hotel

Tourism Online Workshop Itnerary

(Including Workbook, Daily Refreshments and Light Lunch)

Only 20  Seats Available – Don’t waste time!

2 - 4 May 2019


R 3500 per person

(Price after 20 June 2019 – R 4500 per person)


Day 1 | Introduction & AnaLYSING YOUR ONLINE BRAND

08h00-09h00 – Registration 

09h00-10h30 – Welcome & Introduction to the workshop.

Session 1:

We will then delve into Unique Booking Proposition. Find out what really gets guests booking with you. (PS. It’s not what you think.) – Know how to utilize your UBP to increase your marketing efforts and how to focus on creating future growth. 

10h30-11h00 – Break 


Session 2:

Developing your Ideal Guest Avatar. Make Marketing objective faster, easier and more effective by understanding who your Ideal Guests are.


Post-Session Q&A – if you have any questions with regards Day 1 Sessions.

Day 2 | Online Branding & Website

08h00-09h00 – Arrival 


Session 3:

Learn the importance of building your Brand Identity and how to shape it to speak to your Ideal Guest Avatar.

We will be looking at how to set-up easy to use online branding software to minimize your design costs and create brand consistency

10h30-11h00  – Break 


Session 4: 

How to convert your Website into a profitable Direct Booking Machine.

The 10 Tips to help your website get more direct bookings.

The 3 Secret Pages that will help you get more visitors to your website. How to automate your website so you can spend less time focusing on marketing & more time on your guests.


Post-Session Q&A – if you have any questions with regards Day 2 Sessions.

Day 3 | Content Creation & Social Media

08h00-09h00 – Arrival 


Session 5:

Understand the role of Content Generation in attracting more online bookings.

Learn easy ways to generate Content for your Website without having to spend hours writing it yourself.

Plan a 12-month Content Calendar that helps you reach your Ideal Guest Market. Learn how to guide your guest through the booking journey with creative storytelling.

10h30-11h00 – Break


Session 6:

Discover your perfect Social Media Mix – Find out the role of each Social Media Platform so you can choose the channels that work best to help you reach your Ideal Guest.

Learn how to develop a Marketing Funnel that increases your website traffic. Learn how to Automate your Social Media Publishing to help you save time and increase follower engagement.

How to maximize your engagement to create loyal fans who in turn will help increase word-of-mouth referrals. Take a look at role OTA’s and how to make the most out of your relationship in a cost-effective way.

Creating Win-win Collaborations with fellow association members and local businesses.


Post-Sessions Q&A –  if you have any questions with regards Day 3 Sessions.

It was an absolute eye-opener!

I was afraid I was going to feel totally stupid. I never once did feel stupid though. Thanks for that!

I came to the realisation that online marketing could be fun, but also that it is a full-time job. I strongly recommend that you suggest to older people that they bring along a youngster colleague it makes it doubly useful.

It was an absolute eye-opener, I was encouraged to find that we were on the right track but you have turned that rather bumpy track into a highway!

Many thanks for all your effort in putting it together and in making it so relevant to us as tourism product owners.

Chris Harvie

Owner, The Rissington Inn - Hazyview

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2 - 4 July 2019


R 3500 per person

(Price after 20 June 2019 – R 4500 pp)

List Attendees

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Why did you created this Workshop?

I created the Tourism & Hospitality Online Marketing Workshop because I believe the internet levels the playing field for everyone. Not every establishment has the financial resources to hire an agency, full-time graphic designer or other internet marketing expert.

Many of us don’t have the time to wait 3 or 4 days for a price change to be made on your website. Sometimes you just want to run a last-minute special to fill those empty mid-week beds. There are many effective strategies and tools for promoting your establishment and its story,  that you can (and should) implement on your own.

What You Will Learn?

Learn how to create a 12-month Holistic Online Marketing Strategy that will allow you to share your story and attract the type of guest who would appreciate and enjoy what you have to offer.


  • Understand what your Unique Booking Proposition is – And how to use it to stand out in a sea of monotony.
  • Create your Ideal Guest Avatar to help make your marketing efforts faster, more efficient and cost-effective. 
  • Learn how to use online tools to help you create amazing, agency-standard and fast marketing material – while keeping to your brand identity. 
  • Find out about how you can update your own Website & the 3 Secret Pages you should have to increase website traffic.
  • Streamline your Social Media Efforts – by narrowing down the best platforms to reach your Ideal Guest  – and how to use each channel for best results.
  • Learn about how to create a traffic funnel to increase visitors to your own website and how this leads to more direct bookings
  • Create a 12-month Content Calendar to share your story in your unique authentic voice – reach your Ideal Guest and attract more of the guests you love & who love you!
  • I’ll show you some excellent tools to help you automate and batch-schedule your Online Marketing – giving time to focus on your guest.

I’m not very tech savy should I attend?

Even if your not very tech savvy you will still be able to enrich your Online Marketing skill – by developing your online marketing strategy you’ll be able to lead your marketing team and steer them in the right direction.

Should I, as the owner, come or should I send my manager?

I would suggest that whoever the person is, that will be responsible for your Online Marketing be the person to attend this workshop.

It’s all sounds rather daunting to me - will I be able to keep up?

This is why the groups are set at a maximum of 20 attendees. I want to keep it as personal, and yet, as cost effective as possible. With a small group we can spend time with each person on a more individual basis.

Why is the workshop 3 days?

The workshop is truly information rich and I want you to get the most out of this workshop. Each day we delve into 2 topic – with each session lasting between 1-2 hours. We start early and end at lunch-time so you still have some of your day left to attend to your own matters & to help it all sink in.  SO ESSENTIALLY THIS IS X3 – HALF-DAY WORKSHOPS 😁

The workshop is hosted in your area to cut down on travel costs, to make this as cost-effective as possible.


Know of anyone else who would love to join us?

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